Supreme is an American skateboarding shop and clothing brand established in New York in 1994. As a fashion and sports brand caters to skateboarding and hip hop cultures as well as young cultures in general, Supreme has released various and diverse collections which including sports equipment, clothing, accessories, and other products collaborated with other brands such as cookies with Oreo, Bicycle, Minibike, and machine.

Supreme has a bunch of collaborations with various brands. Some of the most famous are Nike/Air Jordan, Vans, Playboy, Comme des Garçons, Stone Island, and more.

Supreme History

In 1994, James Jebbia, who found Supreme and runs the SoHo based company never thought the Supreme, as a brand that started out in a small store on Lafayette Street and has since inched its way to legendary global status.

At first, this small company only launched a few simple styles of T-shirts. Their initial expectations never hoped that these ordinary T-shirts would give them the opportunity to develop, but what is dramatic is that it is such a simple Supreme. T-shirts are loved by sporty office workers, full-time mothers, and all kinds of people near their blocks. This progress can make them brave to take the next step.

They started making hoodies. Who can think of this as a wave? Today, not only skateboarders and hip-hop culture lovers, many young people are wearing their hoodies, T-shirts, and joint sneakers to play, work, and live. In some technology companies, hoodies are considered work clothes, which has also opened up new boundaries for the popularity of Supreme hoodies.

Not only in New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, and Los Angeles, Supreme today has nearly ten large stores worldwide, and each physical store receives a large number of consumers every day. Every Thursday morning in European and American time, and Saturday morning in Japanese time, Supreme will release new products in retail stores. Almost every product is very popular as soon as it is launched. However, Supreme still has some disgraceful part of history.

About Plagiarism

Supreme has always been accused of plagiarism. After being accused of plagiarizing the design of artist Barbara Kruger from the most popular red and white text Box Logo, there have been copyright disputes with many companies such as Farmland Food, Supreme Italian, and others. When Supreme actively sued Married to the Mob, who spoofed his own brand, the artist Barbara responded with irony: "The ridiculous joker makes the situation that is now absurd and catastrophic. My work gives way to childish jokes. .. I wait for them to counter my copyright infringement day."

Why Supreme so Expensive

The retail price actually isn’t outlandish, but since Supreme’s most of the collections are limited editions, once the item sold out, the price starts to increase. After 20 flips the price may increase to 10 times.

The reason is that Supreme is habitually marketing with hunger, especially for limited edition products, too little supply and too much demand can not be matched. It has led to the resale market and the replica market. Today, a limited edition hoodie released two years ago is likely to have ten times as many products on the market as it was originally. This is caused by too much of people's demand and too little supply of Supreme.

There are almost no real resale shops now, and the Internet has replaced them. People put transactions and businesses on the Internet and only deliver and deliver offline. This is more convenient for the resale of Supreme products and the sale of replicas. We know that if you now want to buy a Supreme Box Logo T-shirt, you are more likely to search online instead of going to the store. The same is true for the fake market.

Ways to Getting Cheap Supreme

Do you want to get a Supreme clothing or other product with the iconic BOGO? In fact, there are several ways to help you get what you want at a cheap price.

1. Make Good Use of the Internet

There are thousands of shopping sites, discount sites, and information sites on the Internet. Learn to find, search, and filter really useful. Use search engines (Google Bing Yahoo), Q&A sites (Quora, Yahoo Q&A), community sites (Reddit, and various other hobbies or local forums), photo sharing sites (Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest), public chat rooms (at Telegram, Facebook and other large chat rooms), and so on.

2. Purchase Second-Hand

Although for many goods, buying second-hand goods is one of the most economical ways to obtain it, it may not be suitable for many Supreme products. Many people seek benefits from reselling Supreme clothes. In the most extreme case, a product is likely to be changed hands twenty times to reach someone who really wants to own it.

However, you can still get the cheap Supreme through this method. Make sure to find individual sellers who are really selling second-hand goods, not people who claim to have never opened but just for profit.

3. Exchange With Friends

Maybe you all have some Supreme hoodies, T-shirts or shoes. And it happens to be the same size. The person can provide an opportunity and a possibility for you to try each other's shoes and T-shirts. However, clothes and accessories are completely different. There are many small exchanges about luxury goods often held. This exchange of trendy clothes is not common. Make sure you can communicate in advance, and decide after you figured out it can succeed in the exchange.

4. Purchase a Replica

It has been said before that Supreme’s supply relationship has nurtured the resale market and the replica market. The profit in this market is so rich that it attracts many players. Not only are factories improving processes and reducing costs, but dealers are also working hard to expand the market and popularity. How do you discover them when you are as a consumer? There are some really great sellers of fake Supreme replicas, some are summed up by people who have bought them before, and some require you to try with a small amount of money. The industry is very mixed, and it is difficult to find a few buyers who have experienced shopping but have not encountered scammers. The same is true for sellers.

So, when you are going to make a purchase from a seller, pay attention to whether they provide buyer protection, and answer whether your question is clearly answered. Of course, an easier way is to directly order a T-shirt to check the quality.

How to Choose Trustworthily Sellers

1. Check Customer Reviews

Although some sellers make up fake reviews in order to gain customer trust, this does not always happen. There is a very quick and simple way to know. Find any searchable fields that appear in any user reviews. For example, some sellers will directly post a chat screenshot, and the screenshot will often carry some information such as tracking number and order number. Go to find out if this note number is valid. Also, if the review posted by the seller is very short, see if all reviews are similar. If so, then these evaluations are likely to be fake.

2. Ask for Some Photos

The real legit seller will not refuse the photo request of the customer who has placed the order. Ask for some photos of your items directly. If they still don't send you any photos even after you pay, the seller is probably a scammer.

3. Figure out Their Process

Figure out in advance the complete process of buying from them, find the process where problems may occur, and then try to take measures to avoid them. This is one of the effective ways to help you get high-quality Supreme Replica.

4. Go Directly to Trustworthy Recommendations

While browsing the forum, you may find that there is a list of trusted sellers summarized by the buyers themselves. This list can greatly shorten your time to find excellent Supreme replica sellers. But remember, this list must also be trusted XD.

You may have felt how difficult it is to find a trusted seller with a high-quality Supreme replica. After countless times of selection and review, the final result is still uncertain. The worst part is that it takes two to three weeks for delivery. But still, remember not to begrudge your trust, and always have backup when trying boldly.


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